CEREC – The Solution of Esthetic Ceramic Restoration

CEREC is a miracle worker when it comes to dental technology! Not only is it extremely efficient, enabling you to restore your decayed teeth in one visit, it also offers much better quality and comfort. CEREC’s non-abrasive, plaque-resistant and natural-looking material is a much better alternative to silver fillings, which contain mercury and can cause teeth discoloration.

CEREC uses Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology, with an all-in-one built-in digital camera, computer, and milling machine. After taking a three-dimensional picture of the damaged tooth, this virtual impression is displayed on a computer screen where the dentist uses CAD technology to design the ideal restoration model whether being a crown, onlay, inlay or veneer. This is when the manufacturing process starts; the milling machine uses two high-speed diamond burs automatically creating the restoration right there as the patient waits. In less than 10 minutes, the milling process is complete. Finally, the dentist cements the new restoration and voila, the whole procedure is complete in less than an hour, making uncomfortable impressions and repetitive visits a thing of the past!


DAC PROFESSIONAL Sterilization System

At Smile Design Cosmetic Dental Center we take hygiene very seriously. This you can verify yourself with our glass ‘sterilization room’ being in full view in the reception area. We also ensure that all of our equipment is fully disinfected and germ-free with the use of DAC PROFESSIONAL, a sterilization container made by the world-renowned dental equipment company, Sirona. DAC PROFESSIONAL is an autoclave; this is a strong heated container that ensures complete steam penetration of all inserted items using a high pressure and temperature system. With the help of our hygiene experts and cutting edge sterilization equipment, we take our commitment to your safety and well being to a whole new level!


Laser Dentistry

Laser therapy can be used to treat periodontal disease, the diseases that concern the structures surrounding the teeth, mainly the gums. With the use of a laser light, bacteria can be removed without any cutting or stitching of gum tissue, minimizing the need for anesthesia. This also almost eliminates bleeding and swelling making the procedure almost painless with no recovery time necessary.

Research has shown that gum inflammation causing bacteria do not only affect your gums but can actually also travel to other areas throughout your body. These areas include your coronary arteries, the arteries that transport blood in and out of the heart. This could possibly lead to heart disease, stroke, pregnancy problems and many more severe problems especially in patients with a low level of immunity. This revelation stresses on the importance of oral health and thanks to laser dentistry’s pain-free nature, people should be more willing to take action sooner than later.

In addition to treating periodontal disease, our dentists also use lasers to remove decay and enamel in preparation for inserting a filling. Laser dentistry also helps in detecting oral cancer by extracting a small piece of tissue that can be examined. Finally, laser is commonly utilized in cosmetic teeth bleaching. It is the medium through which oxidizing agents such as hydrogen peroxide are activated, making them release oxygen ions that help penetrate and bleach your teeth’s surface without altering its structure.