Pediatric Dentistry

kids_phThe early years are the most important phase in shaping your child’s dental health and awareness. It is also the stage in which your child’s lasting dental habits will be acquired, so it is of utmost importance that they are exposed to positive-habit forming guidance from the very beginning. While even a one-year-old child could get a limited oral examination, the American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children should be seen for their first orthodontic (the treatment of irregularities in the teeth especially of alignment) consultation no later than seven years of age. Therefore, at Smile Design Cosmetic Dental Center we highly encourage you to prioritize your child’s oral health early on in his or her life.

When you bring your children to Smile Design Cosmetic Dental Center, we will make your visit all the more worthwhile by providing you with an oral health awareness session. Now you can be an even better role model to your family by teaching them how to take care of their teeth and consequently, their overall health. In this session you will also receive anticipatory counseling about dental growth and development issues as well as non-nutritive habits in order to fully prepare you for any dental issues that may occur in the foreseeable future. In addition to counseling we also offer other specialized pediatric services. These include protective coating applications for newly erupted teeth, as well as injury prevention mouth-guards, specifically fitted for your child if he/ she is actively participating in sports.

To top it all off, our pediatric service guarantees that having to worry about dragging your kids to the dentist is a thing of the past. Thanks to our children’s fun Playroom, your kids will view going to the dentist in a whole new light. We have created an incredibly comprehensive Playroom set up, putting children of all ages into consideration. From toys for toddlers, to play-station games for teenagers, no matter what your child’s age is they are bound to have a good time. And while being in the dentist chair for the actual procedure won’t be as much fun as the Playroom, we still wanted to make sure it would be very close to that and nearly just as entertaining and soothing. Taking them to a different world, our LCD screen and headphones will allow your child to be completely engrossed in a movie of their choice during the procedure. Furthermore, our ‘Winnie the Pooh’ themed room, gifts at the end of the session and optional monitored anesthesia, ensure your child’s experience will be as positive and pain-free as can be.


  • Providing dental check-up for your infant at the age of one year.
  • Dental cleaning, polishing and fluoride application for teeth protection against decay.
  • Application of protective coatings for newly erupted teeth.
  • Orthodontic treatment.
  • Information about proper care of child’s teeth and gingivae.
  • Injury prevention by designing a fit mouth-guard for your child if he/ she is participating in a sporting activity.
  • An individualized preventive oral health programs & treatment plans according to each patient’s need.
  • Anticipatory counseling about growth and development issues & non-nutritive habits.
  • Comprehensive oral health evaluation and establishment of a dental home to every expectant mother.
  • Preventive strategies & treatment plans for kids & adults with special health needs.