Partial Dentures

In cases where dental bridges are not an option due to the lack of surrounding teeth present, a removable partial denture can be created. This set is custom-made to replace the required missing teeth and can be easily worn or removed without the help of a dentist. At Smile Design Cosmetic Dental Center we offer the most comfortable thermoplastic metal-free partial dentures available. Not only are they so gentle that you’ll forget you even have them on, but the material they’re made of will also seamlessly blend in with your gums making you more confident than ever knowing that your teeth look 100% natural!


Complete Dentures

A complete denture is a full set of ‘artificial teeth’ for your upper and/or lower jaw that can be easily worn or removed. At Smile Design Cosmetic Dental Center we offer incredible comfort with our flexible dentures. They are so gentle on your gums that you may never want to take them off!


How to Clean Your Dentures

It is essential to keep your dentures clean and moist when not in use in order to prevent them from drying out. When taking your dentures off, first rinse them in warm – not hot – water, as hot water can alter your denture’s shape. Then use your denture’s cleaning paste and a soft bristled toothbrush to remove any remaining food particles. Be gentle when cleaning your dentures as they can scratch easily, which is why they have their own cleaning paste as regular tooth paste is too harsh for them. After thoroughly rinsing off the cleaning paste, store your dentures in a cup of water overnight. For extra measure, you can also put an overnight denture cleaner in the cup, which will keep your dentures moist and kill bacteria simultaneously.