While ‘braces’ can be a charming look on a 10-year-old, it usually doesn’t suit a teenager, and most definitely not an adult.  Thanks to advances in dental technology, now you can get perfectly aligned teeth without the embarrassment or discomfort of wearing braces. Aligners are brilliant transparent custom-made plastic trays that straighten your teeth without anyone knowing! This whole procedure will take from eight months to two and a half years, with adjustments made to the aligners approximately every two weeks gradually bringing your teeth closer to that perfect look.

Not only are aligners invisible, they are also easily removable. With aligners, having a limit to what you can or cannot eat is a thing of the past. You can remove them during meals and have no restraints whatsoever on what you eat, unlike braces. They also enable you to brush your teeth and floss normally without having to go around the brace’s structure. Aligners are recommended to be worn for 20 to 22 hours a day and can be cleaned with their own complementary cleaning kit.

At Smile Design Cosmetic Dental Center we offer Invisalign aligners that are produced in the United States of America, as well as local made Egyptian aligners.