Unlike an inlay, a crown is a full ceramic covering that is fixed over the whole defected tooth. If a tooth contains a cavity that is too large to be filled with an inlay but still maintains a strong structure, a crown is the best solution. It is also incredibly durable and will ensure that no more decay will take place since it completely covers and seals the tooth.

How it’s done

In order to prepare for a crown insertion, the decayed tooth is trimmed down circularly making room for that crown to fit on top. An impression of the reduced tooth is then taken in order to create a corresponding crown. Thanks to CEREC, the latest in cutting edge dental technology, a perfectly fitting crown can now be created within 45 minutes! CEREC works by sending a virtual image of the desired crown to a “milling” station where this image quickly comes to life and materializes in the form of an extremely durable, precise ceramic crown. This makes it possible to conveniently complete your crown insertion in one visit, saving you the hassle of having to make another visit to complete the procedure and eliminating the need to wear a temporary crown in the process.