Porcelain veneers are a wonderful invention that can truly transform your smile in no time. They are essentially 0.5 mm thick custom-made ‘shell coverings’ for your teeth that are fully applied in one visit. This means that you no longer have to settle for unsightly chipped or crooked teeth, or endure months or even years of orthodontic treatment to fix them! In addition to giving you the smile you always wanted they are also exceptionally strong, durable and resist discoloration.

How it’s done

The first step is to determine with your doctor what size, shape, and color veneers will best complement your smile and facial structure. Photos of your face are used along with molds that are taken of your current teeth in order to create a simulation of your new transformed smile. Upon receiving your approval on the final outcome, our skilled dentists begin the actual procedure by gently trimming down the enamel on your existing teeth in order to fit the veneers on top. An impression of your reduced teeth is then taken, from which a cast is created; which is consequently used to shape veneers that perfectly fit. These veneers are cemented onto your etched teeth and hardened with the use of high intensity-light, making them securely bonded into place.

While the veneers procedure usually takes two to three visits, here at Smile Design Cosmetic Dental Center we also offer the added convenience of getting that fabulous smile in just one visit! Imagine walking into a room and coming out with the perfect set of teeth that are no longer stained, chipped, or crooked in one hour. In fact, imagine no more, just come to us and we’ll make it a reality!

Before you decide on going ahead with veneers you must consider whether or not you would like to permanently alter the structure of your teeth. If you feel like you would rather not follow through with such an irreversible procedure, consult our dentists and find out whether other more reversible options like lumineers are better suited for your needs and preferences. Depending on how discolored or misaligned your teeth are, our dentists will recommend the best option for your case.

A Comparison Between Veneers & Lumineers

While it is best to book an appointment to get a comprehensive assessment by our experienced dentists concerning which option will best suit your individual case, we wish to supply you with all the knowledge necessary to keep you well informed from even before your appointment. Therefore here is a small introduction that will give you an idea on some of the important factors you should consider while evaluating the different procedures and deciding which would be the most viable option for you.

Whether you choose veneers or LUMINEERS we promise to provide you with the best quality of materials and a superb aesthetic sensibility in design and application. This guarantees durability, stain resistance and a perfect natural looking smile. Having said that, there are some elements that differentiate the three options.

In terms of the preparation necessary, these two cosmetic options also rate differently. LUMINEERS outshine veneers in this department. They do not require any trimming of healthy tooth enamel for their application, which makes the reversal of the process a possibility and gives you the freedom to go back to your original teeth if need be.

From an aesthetic perspective however, it is widely believed that veneers reign supreme over LUMINEERS, more specifically in terms of the overall natural appearance and realism. Veneers are known to result in a more naturally contoured gum line and a less bulky appearance from the side due to being bonded to teeth that have been reduced in size and trimmed down. Having said that, our skilled dentists will masterfully ensure that the outcome is excellent regardless of which procedure is chosen and carried out.