Crown Lengthening is used for both restorative and aesthetic purposes. In terms of restorative dentistry, it is necessary in cases where the tooth decay has reached beneath the gum line. Crown Lengthening can prepare the tooth by revealing more of it through adjusting the gum and bone levels, therefore making it possible to remove the underlying decay and effortlessly secure a crown in place once that decay has been removed.

In terms of cosmetic dentistry, Crown Lengthening treats what is known as a ‘gummy smile’. This is a state where a person’s smile exposes too much of their gums resulting in a less than satisfactory appearance. Consequently, the teeth often appear too short. In some cases the teeth are actually the proper length but are covered with excess gum tissue that therefore simply needs to be removed.

How it’s done

A gummy smile can be beautified and softened through a periodontal gum-reshaping procedure. Periodontal dentistry is the branch of dentistry concerned with the structures surrounding and supporting the teeth.

In this procedure a local anesthetic may be necessary in order to numb the area. The gum tissue and sometimes bone at the front of the tooth’s root is then removed and sculpted with a dental laser to make a greater area of the tooth structure visible, therefore lengthening your teeth.

Following the procedure our dentists will inform you of the following post-procedure care recommendations:

  1. Which pain relievers are recommended for use to ease the pain.
  2. When and how to brush your teeth until your gums have completely healed.
  3. Which foods to avoid – it is best to stick to soft and cold foods such as pasta, eggs, yoghurt and ice cream.