Teeth Bleaching

Welcome to your new and improved life where you wear your smile with beaming pride! Having a dazzling white smile will enhance your level of confidence making you, both more assertive and approachable, and consequently improving all aspects of your life whether personal or professional.

Thanks to the invention of Zoom! 3 teeth bleaching technology, achieving a ‘Hollywood-star smile’ is now just an hour away. With your teeth up to eight shades whiter, you’ll never want to stop smiling!

How it’s done

In this process your gums and mouth are covered to ensure that only your teeth are exposed. A strong oxidizing agent such as hydrogen peroxide is then applied to your teeth. This compound is light activated to release oxygen ions helping it penetrate and bleach your teeth’s surface without altering its structure. The process is repeated until the desired shade is achieved.

While your teeth may feel sensitive after your bleaching procedure is complete, rest assured that this sensitivity should only last between one to three days. Our dentists will also offer you a relieving gel and tray that you can wear overnight if your case requires it.

Contrary to popular belief teeth bleaching does not strip your teeth’s enamel. The applied hydrogen peroxide is a chemical agent that reacts with the stains within your teeth, without any form of ‘abrasion’ of your enamel.

How to maintain it

Keep your new squeaky-clean teeth dazzling white for over a year by regularly brushing them. If you are a heavy coffee or tea drinker, we suggest that you use a straw while enjoying your caffeinated beverage. Doing this ensures that the liquid will bypass your teeth, steering them clear of unwanted stains. Smokers are recommended to postpone this procedure till after they have kicked the habit, because smoking will inevitably stain your newly whitened teeth in a heartbeat.